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At Buys Chiropractic we strive to be a cut above the rest and seek to serve our patients beyond that of the traditional chiropractic office.  By combining traditional chiropractic care with modern soft tissue therapy and nutritional advice we seek to not only make our patients feel better but to also keep them that way.

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What is chiropractic?

Chiropractic care is the method of treating physical ailments through the manipulation or adjustment of the spinal column.  Chiropractic prides itself in the fact that it looks for and treats the source of the problem and not just the symptoms.  For example, although headaches are very painful, they are often only a symptom of a deeper issue.

What is an adjustment?

An adjustment, or chiropractic manipulation, is a quick thrust or force applied to a specific part of the spinal anatomy in order to restore motion and function to a vertebrae which has become "stuck" or "fixated."  It is typically accompanied by a distinct 'click' or 'pop' which is a normal and healthy byproduct of the procedure.

Do adjustments hurt?

Typically the answer is no.  Most patients describe receiving a spinal manipulation as relieving and relaxing.  Manipulations promote pain relief, reduce muscle spasm, and improve range of motion.  All of these are positive results that help patients feel better and increase their spinal function.  While some patients do occasionally experience some mild discomfort with certain spinal manipulations, it is almost always very brief and less intense than the symptom that brought them to the office in the first place.

Is chiropractic care safe?

Very safe.  Although there are inherent risks involved with any procedure in the healthcare field, chiropractic care is among the safest ways to care for the human frame. It has been said that it can be more risky to take a  single aspirin than to receive a  chiropractic manipulation and this is something that most of us have done countless times without even a second thought.

Do chiropractors prescribe medication?

As a rule chiropractors do not prescribe medication.  Rather than attempting to fix a health issue through the use of drugs, we attempt to identify and correct problems through use of spinal manipulation.  Although we do have knowledge of prescription drugs and the effect they have on the body, we do not specialize in pharmaceuticals and instead, leave that to our medical doctor brethren.

I've heard that chiropractors don't believe in using medication. Is this true?

Far from it.  Chiropractors recognize and acknowledge the use of prescription medication for the treatment of a wide variety of ailments.  To ignore the influence and capabilities of modern medicine would be foolish and a gross disservice to our patients.  However, chiropractors do believe that medication, and more drastic measures such as surgery, should be used as a second and third approach rather than the first approach as they are often used.  Chiropractors pride themselves as taking one of the most conservative approaches to healthcare but also recognize that there is a time and place for all types of healthcare.

Are chiropractors real doctors?

Absolutely.  Chiropractors are just as real as any other physician you may see in your lifetime.  Most chiropractors attend school for a total of 8 to 9 academic years and have thousands of credit hours in anatomy, physiology, neurology, kinesiology, chemistry, public health, pathology, radiology and diagnosis and treatment of human ailments.  While we do differ from the traditional medical doctor you are more familiar with, we fill a very important niche in modern healthcare.

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