Buys Chiropractic

At Buys Chiropractic we strive to be a cut above the rest and seek to serve our patients beyond that of the traditional chiropractic office.  By combining traditional chiropractic care with modern soft tissue therapy and nutritional advice we seek to not only make our patients feel better but to also keep them that way.

Ready to learn more and find out why Buys Chiropractic is different?  Browse our website and see if we can meet your needs. Be sure to click on the Services link on the side of the page and find out about the care we offer our patients.

At Buys Chiropractic we go out of our way to insure our patients receive the highest quality care possible.  This results in postive results and satisfied patients. Read some of their testimonials below and see if Buys Chiropractic isn't the best choice for your chiropractor care too!

“Dr. Buys has provided exceptional care for our entire family.  We appreciate his integrity and expertise.  We feel we are healthier than ever since receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Buys.” ~Molly

“My 3 children and I have been patients of Dr. Aaron for over 2 years.  He is knowledgeable and passionate about chiropractic care as well as whole-body wellness.  He actively listens to our concerns and responds with genuine and thought-filled recommendations.  His gentle approach is so important to us!  My kids argue over who will have their back ‘rubbed’ first.” ~ Heather

“Dr. Aaron Buys’ orthotics are the best!  They relieved pain that I had suffered from for years.  Now I am pain free.” ~Carol

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